Can you believe it? Yesterday the traitor, Kerry, was leading a war chant for the administration, trying to “whip up” its low IQ admirers to support a strike on Syria and saying, with great conviction, that Congressional approval wouldn’t be necessary. The rockets were about to fly and “kiss off” if you don’t like it.

24 hours later, here we are and nothing has happened. Oh Dear! Now, instead of only you & me knowing what a lightweight wimp & liar America’s Commander-In-Chief is…. the entire world knows it, because Himself said it! Jeez, Batman, what did we do to deserve this? Tomorrow is Sunday. If you attend Services tomorrow, would you please ask the Lord to send our president a brain; or at least part of one?

My friends & fellow citizens, don’t ask me for the answers. There doesn’t seen to be a limit on screwing our allies, assisting our enemies, or making US the joke of the day. We’re doomed. But relax, Obamacare will kick in soon and everything will be roses. Of course everyone Numb Nuts thinks is important (or who has given him money) is exempt except you, so get your wallet out.