Sharing some common sense with my Senator

My message to boy Senator Mark Begich, Alaska.



Do not allow Obama to start a war! We have enough men & women with missing limbs, we don’t need anymore!

By the way, I see where that prisoner & former Congressman, Jackson, will receive about $150k/year…. while he’s in prison! I happen to be a 100% disabled veteran with 10 years service and a service connected disability. Why do I only get $2,800/mo?

2 comments on “Sharing some common sense with my Senator

  1. Numb Nuts is anxious to start another war. I do believe he feels a need to “save face.” Screw that! I’ve added some of my thoughts & correspondence with elected pukes and with real American friends. You can sort it out and maybe figure out where I stand.


    Dear Mr. Young,
    I think you’re almost as old as me. I’m copying & pasting a note that I sent to our Alaska child Senators.

    Don, please keep calling a Spade a Spade and a Queer a Queer, there aren’t many people willing to that anymore – the liberal “Political Correctness” bullshit has destroyed most politicians’ brains….. Reelection and “Feathering the Nest” is more important to them then the health & welfare of our Nation. And I’m not talking about handouts to lazy & deadbeat welfare recipients; I’m talking about GREED for personal profit and the best retirement program in the entire world that they can vote for themselves at our expense. There are only a few Statesmen in our two federal legislative bodies these days and I count you as one of those people; please don’t disappoint me.

    Dick Izold, Spenard

    Okay Skeeeper,
    I sent the same message to Lisa that I sent to Mark.
    I hope Don Young is smart enough not to need one. At least he’s a real adult.

  2. Who axed that dumb question?

    No, I don’t worry about the pukes and what I say about them. I’ve already been to Vietnam and I’m presently on an Herbicide Orange (Agent Orange) Life Sentence with the clock ticking. What are they going to do, send me back without a gun? Maybe disappear me to wherever Numb Nuts has hidden his records? Oh, that’s where the NSA should be hiding all the secret stuff they’ve illegally collected. Don’t you just love this, “Most honest & open administration ever?” Numb Nuts makes Nixon look like a rookie and one of the Three Stooges. He also makes Carter look like a genius and himself look like Pinocchio. Maybe he is Pinocchio; because he’s either dumber than a rock or a very bitter anti-American is pulling his strings and making him dance. Never mind, it’s probably both.

    Our Nation is doomed!