A Great Story about Dick Izold

This came just now from his good buddy, Dick Fedorowicz, who lives back East. It was him that I quoted in the obituary.



Beth, This is a picture of a camp dog. Nobody knows where they come from or who they belong to. This mutt seemed to have attached himself our Company. About the size of a German Shepard, he had light brown tracings under his legs and strange looking tan colored eyebrows, and seemed to like Dick. I suspect part of the reason for this was that Dick was slowly addicting the animal to cans of c-ration date pudding. A disgusting concoction very much like ten year old fruit cake.

We began to take notice when we watched him wander down the rows of running helicopters, arbitrarily select one, then jump in and sit in the door as though he had been invited along. He was always around the camp and seemed to be able to fend pretty well for himself. He would drop into our tent as though he had been invited for the conversation and sometimes spend the night.

Whenever our unit moved from one forward base to another, sometimes as much as a hundred fifty miles, absolutely no one concerned himself with the dog. We would just pack up and leave.

Within a week of moving the dog would show up at the new location, sometimes in the middle of the night, and scare the hell out of us. This happened on several occasions and was a complete mystery to us.

For months we had been working in direct support of the 101st Airborne as well as a Korean Marine Corps Division. Also in direct support of these two Divisions was an Air Farce C-130 unit that provided heavy equipment transport when the units were moved to new locations.

One day we were chatting with one of the C-130 pilots, and in the course of the conversation he asked if we knew anything about this big old dog. He accurately described our mutt and said that every time they came in to move the Division’s heavy equipment the dog would show up at the airfield and just walk aboard one of the transports. All of the loadmasters seemed to know the animal. They said he would amble off at the new location, disappear and then show up again for the next move.

So that solved the mystery of how the dog always found us. It did not answer the question of how he knew to do this.

In any event it occurred to us that the animal might be as smart as an Army Helicopter pilot and so we

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Team Name Changes……….

This is pretty good – don’t have the name of who actually wrote it, though. It should be sent to every paper in the country, but not all would print it!

Here is an email sent to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune after an

article he published concerning a name change for the Washington Redskins.

Dear Mr. Page:

I always love your articles. and I generally agree with them. I would

suggest, as in an email I received, they change the name to the “Foreskins”

to better represent their community, paying tribute to the total ‘dick heads’
in Congress.

Here are some other politically correctness issues to consider:

I agree with our Native American population. I am highly insulted by

the racially charged name of the Washington Redskins. One might argue that

to name a professional football team after Native Americans would exalt
them as fine warriors, but nay, nay. We must be careful not to offend,
and in the spirit of political correctness and courtesy, we must move

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Updated- world’s shortest books

Note especially the last one~

World’s Shortest Books

By Jane Fonda, Cindy Sheehan
Michelle Obama
Illustrated by Michael Moore
Foreword by George Soros

By “The Rev Jesse Jackson” & “The Rev Al Sharpton”

By Hillary Clinton

By Bill Clinton

By Bill Gates

By Dennis Rodman

By Al Gore & John Kerry

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Air Force wanted to help Ambassador Stevens

From a good source!

I rec’d this from my good friend RJ Thomas ( Commander, US Navy SEAL, and Navy Cross recipient { He should have rec’d the MOH} now retired ) RJ retired here at NAS Fallon after serving his last duty as Commander of SEAL Ops at the Naval Strike Warfare Center. He came on board about a year or so after I left NSWC. For those of you who know him, you know he is a fine and HONEST gentleman. The following scenario is true and verifiable.. Vic

What all warriors know …let’s see what comes out of this latest congressional review in the way of prosecutions.

Colonel Phil “Hands” Handley is credited with the highest speed air- to-air gun kill in the history of aerial combat. He flew operationally for all but 11 months of a 26-year career, in aircraft such as the F-86 Sabre, F-15 Eagle, and the C-130A Hercules. Additionally, he flew 275 combat missions during two tours in Southeast Asia in the F-4D and F-4E. His awards include 21 Air Medals, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, and the Silver Star.

Here is what Col. Handley wrote in response to Panetta and Dempsey’s claims there was no time to send help to Benghazi


Betrayal in Benghazi
Phil “Hands” Handley Colonel, USAF (Ret.)


The combat code of the US Military is that we don’t abandon our dead or wounded on the battlefield. In US Air Force lingo, fighter pilots don’t run off and leave their wingmen. If one of our own is shot down, still alive and not yet in enemy captivity, we will either come to get him or die trying.

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Richard Izold

EDITOR: It has been a sorrowful month. Richard passed away May 9th. I just now have found the strength to update his website. And will continue to add content, at least in the short term, with the help of his wife and friends. But without all of Dick’s comments and editing.

Every day Dick read a multitude of emails and websites, and only forward what he felt worthy. He always did his home work, and wouldn’t post anything that he thought was gossip, hearsay, or unsubstantiated.  The only editing I would do, was try and keep the site somewhat PG rated. Not always a easy thing with Dick.

I will miss him.



Richard Robert Izold, 72, of Anchorage, Alaska, passed away peacefully at home on May 9th, 2014. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 29th, 1942.  At various times in his life he has been known as Richard, Dick, Dickie, and Large.

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